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World government? (Including economy, investment markets, banking, cooperation in legal matters.)

World Government
World government, political body, international law, global government, nations, sovereignty, administration, national governments, independent politics, authority, citizens, international organisations, institutions, proponents, opponents

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this text is just to include this aspect on this site. There is no need to add some own comment related to this subject. There are millions of printed documents about this and hundred thousands of books. Go to to view the list of publications and aspects of major impact. Then find on the Internet the current state of abstract scientific discussion about this subject.

A globalized world requires some regulations of its rules. This is an ongoing process. The final result will be something like a world government of human civilisation. In the history of human civilisation. This will later be described as a major event of human civilsation, occuring within a period of approximately 100 or 200 years. WWI und WWII were part of this, also the end of the ,,communist'' Russian empire, also the economic progress and international cooperation of Asian nations.

It is useless to ask if we want it. It already happens every year, every day. It is useless to ask how we want it. It is produced by the interaction of governments, citizens, scientists, the information media.

Concept of World government

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World government is the concept of a political body that would make, interpret and enforce international law. Inherent to the concept of a world government is the idea that nations would be required to pool or surrender (depending on point of view) sovereignty over some areas. In effect, a world government would add another level of administration above the existing national governments or provide coordination over areas national governments are not capable of adequately addressing as independent polities. The authority granted this level and how it relates to national governments and/or citizens is debated by both proponents and opponents of world government.

International Institutions: Beginning Elements

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Some people see international institutions (such as the International Criminal Court, United Nations and International Monetary Fund) and various supranational and continental unions (such as Organization of American States, European Union, African Union, Union of South American Nations and Association of Southeast Asian Nations) as the beginning elements of a world government system. An organization comprising legislators from various nations known as Parliamentarians for Global Action have promoted ideas of democratic global governance, though such promotion has varied in its scope and intensity during the organization's history.

Early concepts

Quotation from Wikipedia, state Mai 2009: (for newer versions and more details, please got to

The need for a global government to preserve the peace between nations was discussed in ancient Greek and Roman times, and, in modern times the idea has been recognized since the early 14th century (Dante, for example, discusses it in his book Monarchia, 1329). In 1625, the Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius wrote De Jure Belli ac Pacis (The Laws of War and Peace), which is commonly taken as the starting-point of modern international law. The idea of a federation gained much momentum during the late 18th century, a period in which the first modern democratic federation, the U.S., was established (1788), and in which Immanuel Kant wrote the essay "Perpetual Peace: a philosophical sketch" (1795). In his essay, Kant describes three basic requirements for organizing human affairs to permanently abolish the threat of a future war:

The civil constitution of each state shall be republican.

The law of nations shall be founded on a federation of free states.

The rights of people, as citizens of the world, shall be limited to the conditions of universal hospitality (i.e., people would be allowed to visit other countries, but not to stay unless invited).

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