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Rating system for politicians, political parties, election candidates

,,Democracy'': Every ,,normal'' citizen can obtain the power over a nation.
Also foos.

Every citizen can ask for votes and can be elected. A nice idea - as long as there were no mass media to manipulate the voter behaviour. In the past, let us say until 1920, a person had to pass a lot of qualification control barriers on the way to power.

This changed with the increasing impact of mass media, like radio, TV, superficial segments of the printed press...
... and now in addition the Internet news sites which reduce political analysis mostly to excited repetition of unevaluated superficial short ,,main news''.

Persons without sufficient professional knowledge and organized groups of them can manipulate the opinions of most electors, if backed by such less critical media journalism and by enough money support.

The rules of democracy do not any more fit to this changed election situation. They have been established before the age of mass media. Modern democracy has become extremely vulnerable.

LIBRA is the answer: A rating system for politicians and political parties.
LIBRA started June 2003 in Germany. LIBRA offers German electors from now some form of rating system for election candidates and political parties. For Germany, LIBRA was created under the aspect of critical opinion related to the intellectual or moral or professional qualities of some of those who govern.

As far as specific political opinions and goals are involved, the LIBRA concept can not be suggested for other countries, due to the general rule of non-interference.

But the basic idea of a universal abstract qualification rating system in the field of elections is considered to be interesting for all democracies. While political opinions and value systems are an internal subject of every nation, the superficial mass media influence on elector behavior is a generally recognized problem for all democracies.

The general framework of the LIBRA rating system is from now explained in its basic rules in English and French language, too. This is only an abstract shell in a very reduced form.

There is no intention to back this for specific countries by adding political opinion or goals or by creating some organisation. If you want to see how this is done for Germany, just switch on the menu to the German language section of this site.

The goal is: Tools how to elect good politicians for good government.
Journalists and citizens of all countries are invited to help to finance this concept. The goal is to fill it with evaluation criteria fitting to the domestic political discussion. This can only be done by some citizens of a specific country: But the software and some basic rule concept should originate from This is in order to keep it coherent and to submit it to a basic structure of worldwide universal criteria and values.

Nobody can be opposed to the idea of qualification criterias in the field of politics. It is a barrier against opinion manipulation, ideologies and all those errors which were the origin of 2 world wars during the last century. This caused approximately 120 million victims of war and irrational unrealistic ideology - due to lack of qualification and/or moral standards in the minds of those who governed various countries.

LIBRA and the example Germany
Germany is the origin of the LIBRA concept, and this is easy to explain. Germany was 1995...2005 for the first time since 1945 on a downwards road. Economy is collapsing, and government behaved frequently far away from minimal standards of knowledge and science... low wisdom level... lack of profound understanding how humans have to be organized for intended goals.

Germany was during these years among others governed by good school teachers, or good journalists, or people who were unable to terminate their professional studies, and similar lack of minimal qualifikation for the major political responsability in he country. Probably two third of the government members of 1998...2005 did not study professional knowledge related to the domain for which they were the nations top decision-makers.

Close to 100 % of German parliament members are either civil servants (most) or lobby members. This did not change until now.

Every country has its specifics related to democracy.
Churchill said democracy would be a very bad system of government, only justified by the fact that so far there was no better system.

So there is only one option left: To improve by selection during elections the average qualification of those who govern and who decide on laws.
Conforming to general rules, such efforts can only be carried out inside a specific country, mainly by the journalists, citizens and opinion-based associations of the country.

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