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Prosperity, wealth, property, work, money for all Rational Politics

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deep thinking + intelligence
» POLLIMATT - knowledge factory     EN   DE   FR

E-books / fundamental topics:
All main themes of "deep thinking".

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» Handbook Optimized Government     EN   DE
» Teach Yourself Economics     EN   DE
» How to Know the Future     EN   DE
» Archetypes of Civilization     EN   DE
» NATUROSSA 100 years     EN   DE
» SPHINX Classification System     EN   DE

useful knowledge
_EN_ Info sources for legal subjects
_DE_ Infoquellen / rechtliche Themen:
_FR_ Sources d'inform. / questions jurid.

family assets, money investment, real estate
your money
Innovation: Idea Service:
» Buy the future: 100 ++ projects     EN   DE   FR
financing the future - think tnereffid
» FIN7 financing innovation     EN   DE   FR
» Lease Your Start-up!     EN   DE   FR

health and wellness
always healthy and top fit

» NATROSSA Tele-Service health     EN   DE   FR
» Loose weight: Truth +Science     EN   DE   FR
» Optimise your intelligence     EN   DE   FR
10-page excerpt from e-book:
» NATUROSSA 100 years     EN   DE

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► The politician lie of the week.
► The petition of the week for political intelligence.
► The state censorship of the week.
► The scientist lie of the week.
► The statistics lie of the week.
► The economists lie of the week.
► The health lie of the week.

Front report of the week: "Battlefield Media Politics":
► Just now new media censorship laws?

► The family fortune tip of the week.
► Intelligence optimizing - tip of the week.
► The crowdfunding of the week.
► The best 10 of ... - the ranking of the week.

► The civilization archetype of the week.
► The secret of centenarians of the week.
► The wisdom of the week.

"POLLIMATT"?    From the Greek "polymath" = multidisciplinary head.
"UNO7"?    Citizens "UN"ited for "O"pposition - every day.
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image: underwater fashion AHA7 STAT CONTROL : True statistics: to be - or not to be?
» _MENU_: wrong economic statistics     EN   DE   FR
» All statistics are false?     EN   DE   FR
» The true cost of politics? Estimation     EN   DE   FR :
» How to evaluate yourself the MORM moral level rating for a bank     DE
» (for bank managers:) BANK-KIT: MORM- Rating for banks:     DE

image: death or life: Catrinas  CIV7 ARCHETYPES - the archetypes of civilization
--- (Information in text pages:) ---

» _Menu_: CIV7 ARCHETYPES     EN   DE   FR
» secret / reality: Esoteric Info Center     EN   DE   FR
» Archetypes / Examples     EN
» Archetypes: Definition .     EN
» Archetypes: Vampires.     EN
» Archetypes: culture elimination     EN
» Archetypes: language mysteries     DE

» genetics & greed, money,...     EN   DE   FR
» (lists) Bribery,embezzlem.,greed     EN   DE   FR
» (lists) Corrupt./governm.,nepotism     EN   DE   FR

image: monkey_river The artists of legal clandestinity:
- Tax haven use - now legal?
Like Germanys state-owned banks?
» _Menu_: MRMIO ZERO TAX?     EN   DE   FR
» Tax haven encylopedia     EN   DE   FR
» International Service Centers     EN   DE   FR
» Liechtenst.banking secrecy: Example     EN
» Offshore legal? tax haven..     EN

image: underwater fashion OPT7 OPTISSIMO - The Best or Nothing - Instructions for your dreams - swimming in money... (and working tool for those who really have it) -
» _Menu_: The Best or Nothing     EN   DE   FR

» Mega-Toys... Cars, Gadgets,...     EN   DE   FR
» Eat and Drink: Money Records     EN   DE   FR
» Arts, antiques,jewelry - for Millionaires     EN   DE   FR
» Home,garden,real est.for Millionaires     EN   DE   FR
» Errors, disasters: Damage records     EN   DE   FR
» How to become a Millionaire?     EN   DE   FR

image: Chikago_station AHA7 BIO BRAIN DOPING
» _MENU_: Bio Intelligence Doping     EN   DE   FR

» Optimise your intelligence     EN   DE   FR
» Artificial intelligence doping.     EN   DE   FR
» Bio intelligence doping.     EN   DE   FR
» What is intelligence?     EN   DE   FR
» _MENU_: How to stop smoking?     EN   DE   FR
» _MENU_: how to stop drinking     EN   DE   FR
» _Menu_: CIV7 ARCHETYPES     EN   DE   FR
» secret / reality: Esoteric Info Center     EN   DE   FR
» _MENU_: True university? Diploma mill?     EN   DE   FR

Photos: These 3 persons, while being quite familiar with banks and efficient mobile property management, did this year not yet get their million dollar investbanker bonus.
--- (Information in text pages:) ---

» Executive compensation : excessive?     EN
» genetics & greed, money,...     EN   DE   FR

Photo_1: TOKYO,JAPAN: A homeless man. 2008 by Michael Maggs. Creat.Comm. Attrib.Sh.Al.v3.0Lic,
_2: NEW YORK,USA: A homeless man in New York (originally: USA flag in the background - we removed it). 2005 by Colin Gregory Palmer. Creat.Comm. Attrib.v2.0Lic,
_3: PARIS, FRANCE: A homeless man. 2005 by Eric Pouhier. Creat.Comm. Attrib.Sh.Al.v2.5Lic,
( From the original images, all has been cropped what might interfere with the respect of personal dignity. these images symbolize that politicians of most wealthy cosuntries worldwide have proven to be unable to prevent the continuation of the causes of extreme poverty. Possible solutions are analyzed in » )

image: flamingo2 Governmental TV - yes or no?
UNO7 FLAMINGO for freedom of information

this is a permanent virtual memorial
for the 120 million people murdered by left- and right-wing ideology
image: white persons
The virtual life of the murdered people with us and among us:   They permanently remind us: The power in a country should never again be in the hands of extreme ideologies - no matter which one.   Left wing ideology: 80 million victims. - Right wing ideology: 40 million victims.   
The inscription on the memorial: "The voter of ideological parties, left or right wing, he votes in favor of centralized nationalized economy, hence total governmental control, hence dictatorship, hence the persecution of opponents, culminating in politics of murder. He votes for murder. He shares collective guilt like voters from the past share the collective guilt for our death. "        (Photo: © 2008 Don Pedro & site admin.
image: Elser, Georg Permanent virtual memorial for Elser. He attempted to assassinate Hitler

... is on PUBLI-MEDIA at the end of the menu page 'politics'.

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news & intelligence

knowledge lobby - truth lobby - optimized government
LIBRA Liberal-Social Citizen Co-operation
Texts from 2003 ... 2007. - Since May 2017 actualization + improvement of everything. Quality deficits of texts should be fixed in a few weeks. Goal: "Coherent definition of optimal policies ".
"!!" = waiting for » your_? financial contribution to finance a translation from German to English
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    !! instruction / how-to
    rating candidates
    rating parties
    concept LIBRA
    !! 1 billion x laws violated
    your financial contribution
  optimized politics / basics
    election candidates: qualific.
    !! democracy
    !! referendum
    !! trauma / nations
  optimized politics / economics
    !! tolerable taxation level
    !! "totalitarian capitalism"?
    !! small businesses
    !! regional differences
    !! pensions, retirement
    !! labor / regulation: limits
    !! labor unions
    !! minimum wage: rules
    !! financial markets: regulation
    !! how to reduce poverty
    !! debt consolidation
  optim.politics / subsidies
    !! reduce IT monopolies
    !! media financing
    !! subsidies: regulation
    !! reduce bureaucracy
    !! punishm., rehabilation
  optim.politics / citizens
    !! money for parents, children
    !! health & insurance system
    !! discrim.: Man? Woman?
    !! prostitution
    !! privacy protection
  opt.polit./ labor
    !! VOX concept
    !! unemployment: reasons
    !! new dynamics

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    Publi-Media busin.
    Amigos! parody
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