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2. --'CORFACT_ --
Corona - the whole truth?

2. --'CORFACT_ --1
Corona as a dress rehearsal for imaginable epidemics that are much more dangerous?

Masks should only be compulsory if they are scientifically proven beyond doubt.

Duty to wear a mask - cover the face - "wear a muzzle" - "muzzle". Petrifying" the face? Anyone who looks back in mourning for the vice of sinful interpersonal contact must be masked by order of the divine state, must "solidify into a pillar of salt"?

True, "the eyes are the mirror of the soul" (by Leo Tolstoy? probably not)... But are the eyes enough? Why, according to some interpretation in Islam, are women reduced to their eyes? Are the eyes enough? There you go. Do we have to copy this with anti-virus masks? Think about it a bit more deeply?

The symbolism of language anchored in collective thinking reveals something that the predominant over-serving, over-obedient journalism has largely suppressed: Deny the citizen the right to be himself? To degrade the citizen from the subject of fundamental rights to the object of politicians? The stakes are high in the Corona affair. Vigilance is becoming a citizen's duty, and even more so a journalist's duty.

These pages are designed to correct many mistaken messages from politicians and the media that repeat them.

The right way of looking at things is a complex matter, especially when it has apparently simple things to expose. After all, not everything is wrong with wrong, but only most of it. So you have to straighten it out, detail it, put it in three piles, point by point:
(1) The true things,
(2) the accidental errors,
(3) strategic deliberate deception.

Did you expose it immediately? - This preamble deceived you, for example, in those seconds with the impossible promise of knowing everything better. Nobody knows "everything" better. But to expose a lot of things as deception, that is worth reading on?

The danger of Corona is probably about as high as in previous more serious flu epidemics since the Second World War, when there was no vaccination against it.

Today's low death rate from influenza may be mainly due to the following 2 causes:
(1) Vaccination of many of the major risk groups for a severe course.
(2) Deaths of unvaccinated people in previous years.

The reality is more complex than (1) and (2). No in-depth scientific analysis is intended here. Only an indication of a justifiable initial opinion should be given.

There was no awareness of a necessary and possible pandemic control. For the first time with the swine flu around 2010 it was considered a duty of politicians to ensure the happiness of their peoples against virus infections. The acceptance as "fate" was replaced by the self-created political duty to abolish fate.

Pandemic real test? - (principle of civil protection.).

Army chiefs would like to have a small new war every 10 years at the most to analyse and prepare the weapon systems - necessary for a really dangerous big war that is always conceivable.

Insurers would like to have a major flood every 10 years at the most to test their organisation and to promote risk awareness (and thus of course premium income). Civil protection also needs that. In the event of a disaster, the biggest disaster is more often civil protection, if not practiced realistically enough.

Heads of pandemic preparedness would like to have a small pandemic every 10 years at the most in order to analyse and better prepare the organisation of the protection instruments. This makes sense in order to have an infrastructure on standby for a really dangerous large-scale pandemic that is always conceivable.

Since the last global test for Europe and the USA and worldwide - swine flu around 2010 - we had pretty much exactly 10 years. - Fits?

People have been put through quite a lot in terms of Corona. In the event of an epidemic with, for example, 30% to 70% fatalities, all the necessary measures would now be much more perfectly available and could be optimised immediately. Knowing this may make it easier to accept that some of the protective measures in the field of corona may appear to be translated.

The really highly dangerous pandemic risks increase with the growing overpopulation of the earth and with the increasing international exchange. Spiritually "wisdom-knowing" people may say that nature would set limits to the activities of the pest man in this way. From there it is not far to the religious exaggeration of this argument.

One reader commented on how quickly precaution can disappear:
The entire Federal Republic was equipped with relatively nuclear-bomb-proof auxiliary hospitals including material (including masks) and high-quality air filtration. In general, these auxiliary hospitals were

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